[Samba] Upgrading samba 2.2.8a to 3.6.15 on Solaris 9 --> 3.6.15 brings all inetd services down

Marc Muehlfeld samba at marc-muehlfeld.de
Mon Sep 16 23:50:30 MDT 2013

Hello Jordan,

Am 17.09.2013 01:28, schrieb Jordan Verschuer:
> However, after rebooting I can log on to swat and see that the smbd and
> nmbd services are running and I can make quick changes to the
> configuration, like adding a new user or updating the password, and I can
> even map to the share... for about a minute!
> After about 1 minute the swat/smbd/nmbd services stop... as well as all
> inetd services!!

I don't know Solaris, but why are you starting Samba through Inetd and 
not as standalone? And what happens if you start it standalone? I never 
saw Samba through Inetd. But as I said: I'm not familiar with Solaris. :-)

> I cannot rlogin from a new terminal, or rsh or finger in the current
> terminal,
> however ssh still works but this isn't an inetd service.
> Has anyone got a clue as to what might be happening?

It seems that something crashes the whole Inetd, what causes it's child 
processes automatically also to die. I haven't used Inetd any more for 
almost 15 years. Is there anything in the logs or a way to increase 
Inetd loglevel?

I would try to avoid Inetd for starting samba.

And why not updating to the latest Samba version? 3.6 goes into security 
only maintainance mode with it's next version.


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