[Samba] automatically create users home directories samba 4.0.9

Shaun Megaw shaun.megaw at bidorbuy.co.za
Mon Sep 16 05:55:47 MDT 2013

Hi all

same problem as here

I can create a user called xlinuxd but it does not automatically create a
home directory.

I use the following command:
samba-tool user add xlinuxd --given-name=Linux --surname=Delta
--home-drive=H --home-directory="\\\mydomain\Users\xlinuxd" --mail-address=
linux.delta at mydomain.co.za --script-path=xlinuxd.cmd

When going to a windows machine, if I open dsa.msc it shows the home folder
correctly, but does not physically create a home folder.

I have tried to create a physical directory and then invoke :
chmod 770 /home/Users/xlinuxd -R
but this does not work either

I am also creating hundreds of users, so would like a command line option
instead of editing each user through the dsa.msc and creating home

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Kind Regards

*Shaun Megaw*

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