[Samba] create_local_nt_token_from_info3 not pulling supplementary UNIX groups

Brian H. Nelson bhnelson at ysu.edu
Thu Sep 12 09:00:12 MDT 2013

According to the smb.conf man page, using @group is equavelnt to &+group 
where '&' means check it as an NIS netgroup and '+' means check it as a 
local UNIX group. Just +group should be what I want (I'm not using NIS) 
but I admit I haven't tested much with @group.

Another interesting facet is that the RHEL-provided samba builds *do 
not* exhibit the problem I'm seeing. They bundle in a number of patches. 
Apparently one (or more) of them is changing this specific behavior.


On 9/11/2013 3:18 PM, Brian Cuttler wrote:
> I thought it was "@group" rather than "+group" in the
> samba.conf share definition...

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