[Samba] Samba 4 - nslcd setup on Debian

Chris Alavoine chrisa at acs-info.co.uk
Wed Sep 4 10:53:54 MDT 2013

Hi folks,

Have been battling with this for a while.

I have a Debian 6/Samba 4 install working nicely. Have migrated my old
Samba 3 domain and can see all users/groups via AD management tools fine.

I am now trying to get the *nix side sorted. Have followed the guide here:


Which works up to a point. All users and groups and visible with getent
etc, but any new user that are created are not seen. Any existing
user/group updates are reflected but if I create a new user and then do

getent group | grep user

I get nothing, same with "id -Gn user" or "groups user".

If I do:

samba-tool user list | grep user

The user is found and I can see it using RSAT tools from a Windows Server
2008 R2 box.

Any suggestions?


ACS (Alavoine Computer Services Ltd)
Chris Alavoine
mob +44 (0)7724 710 730

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