[Samba] change winbind use default domain at a later stage

Coert Waagmeester lgroups at waagmeester.co.za
Wed Sep 4 03:25:23 MDT 2013

Hello all,

Running Samba 3.6.9, member of a windows 2008r2 domain.
We have two domains (OLD and NEW), with a full trust relationship
between them.

The samba server is joined to domain NEW, and I have not set "winbind
use default domain"

Everything works as expected, I added the OLD domain to krb5.conf as
well, so with wbinfo I can see users and groups from both NEW and OLD.

I have set up samba with a root preexec script that creates a home
directory the first time for a domain user, in the form /home/DOMAIN/USER

The idea is to ultimately get rid of OLD domain.

Can I change "winbind use default domain" without causing problems?

Will that allow me to login with USERNAME for the NEW domain, and also
with OLD+USERNAME for the OLD domain?

Thank you in advance,
Coert Waagmeester

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