[Samba] creating an ubuntu package of version 4.1.0

Trent W. Buck trentbuck at gmail.com
Tue Oct 29 19:09:27 MDT 2013

bugblatterbeast <samba at bugblatterbeast.de> writes:

> It's compiling nicely now, but I still get this linker-error:
> default/source3/lib/util_58.o: In function `str_checksum':
> /home/nils/build2/samba4/bin/../source3/lib/util.c:1310: undefined
> reference to `hash_any'
> Did this happen to anybody before? Did anybody already succeed in
> building a ubuntu- or debian-package of samba 4.1.0?

FWIW Andrew Bartlett told me yesterday that the Debian Samba team are
(understandably) currently focused on getting *any* samba4 into jessie;
4.1 isn't their priority right now.

I had a quick look at the source and the missing symbol is internal to
samba (ref. below); my gut feel is a missing dependency declaration
somewhere in wscript such that the linker gets util where it should get
both util and hash.

I'd need your .dsc and .debian.tar.xz and build log to poke around more.

    $ git checkout samba-4.1.0
    $ grep -r hash_any *
    lib/ccan/hash/hash.h:#define hash(p, num, base) hash_any((p), (num)*sizeof(*(p)), (base))
    lib/ccan/hash/hash.h:uint32_t hash_any(const void *key, size_t length, uint32_t base);
    lib/ccan/hash/hash.c:uint32_t hash_any(const void *key, size_t length, uint32_t base)

Useful resources:

  - #debian-mentors on irc.oftc.net (general Debian packaging advice & review)
  - https://lists.alioth.debian.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/pkg-samba-maint

#d-mentors will definitely be happy to help you packaging 4.1, even if
it's only for personal use.  I'm not on pkg-maint-samba so I'm not sure
how focused they are.

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