[Samba] User Administrator (and only it) access denied on member server

Marc Muehlfeld samba at marc-muehlfeld.de
Sun Oct 27 11:45:25 MDT 2013

Am 27.10.2013 14:31, schrieb steve:
>> Why for "Administrator" it looking for "SAMBA\Administrator", rather
>> than "Administrator", but for other accounts it's working correctly?
> Do you want the domain admin to be root of the linux member?
> If so, make a username map e.g. /home/alex/smbmap:
> !root = SAMBA\Administrator SAMBA\administrator SAMBA\\Administrator
> SAMBA\administrator
> (I've put the alternatives because I'm not sure if you need to escape
> the \)
> then put it in smb.conf:
> username map = /home/alex/smbmap
> I'm sure there must be an easier way but anyway. . .

What about (can be set globally, too):

admin users (S)

This is a list of users who will be granted administrative privileges on 
the share. This means that they will do all file operations as the 
super-user (root).

You should use this option very carefully, as any user in this list will 
be able to do anything they like on the share, irrespective of file 

       Default: admin users =

       Example: admin users = jason


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