[Samba] Samba 4.1 + User Homes

"Th. Söldenwagner" ts at linexus.de
Sun Oct 27 06:42:44 MDT 2013

Am 27.10.2013 12:41, schrieb spamvoll at googlemail.com:
> Hmm
> Home dirs are created automaticly when I set the HomePath with the AD
> Tools, should Samba set the correct perms?
This seems to be the reason why perms are set correct for the user's 
profile folders. Those are created when the user logs on to the domain 
and the home drive folder is created when being logged on as 
administrator using ADUC. In my case this results in the following perms:

drwxrwxr-x+   2 3000000 users  4096 Oct 22 12:57 soeldenwagner.b/ --> 
for the user's home drive folder


drwxrwx---+ 13 3000057 users 4096 Oct 25 22:08 soeldenwagner.b/ --> the 
user's profile folder

> Its not an option to set the pems on every homedir by hand.

In addition, you would first have to find out the correct user id of 
every user...
> hmm.. the manpage has an example of [homes] my section is named [users].
> Will [homes] will be processed otherwise then [users] ?

I suspect, this is the crucial question!

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