[Samba] Migration from Windows to Samba4

Rob Janssen rob at ision.nl
Sat Oct 26 13:00:40 MDT 2013

Taylor, Jonn wrote:
> On 10/26/2013 01:42 PM, Rob Janssen wrote:
>> Taylor, Jonn wrote:
>>> Run this command to update your DNS.
>>> samba_dnsupdate --verbose --all-names
>> Hmmm...  this command now outputs:
>> ; TSIG error with server: tsig verify failure
>> for every update it attempts to do (the updates look reasonable), ending with:
>> Failed update of 21 entries
>> This succeeded OK when I still used Bind, I tried it before.
>> Could it be related to my switch to internal DNS?
> Yes, looks like there is a problem with kerberos. I would go back to bind.

Funny (or nasty) thing is that with bind the samba-tool updates go ok but I never got
the client updates working, and with internal DNS it appears to be the other way around.
I see some postings that say "ignore that error it works OK" but it does not appear to
correct my DNS setup.  I.e. the DNS queries do return the correct data but also the one
I mentioned does return old data.  No idea if the dnsupdate command is supposed to
delete wrong data or will only add valid data.

However, what I find disturbing is that the returns from the DNS queries are not
consistent with the view from the management tools.   What can that be?
Is there a way to dump the entire database in a readable form?
>>> Also post the output of samba-tool drs showrepl
> This is good. That means that you got all the metadata out for the old DC.
yes I think I got that correct, I deleted all references to the old DC from AD using ADexplorer.
(at all places where there were two references, one to the old and one to the new DC)


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