Marc Muehlfeld samba at marc-muehlfeld.de
Thu Oct 24 22:58:16 MDT 2013

Am 24.10.2013 22:39, schrieb Ezequiel Larrarte:
> Marc, Are you saying that I can just let it go???

The bug report describes exactly the message you are receiving. And 
Guenther - he's one of the developers working on printer stuff, too - 
says that increasing the log level in the sources - that's the only 
thing the patch does - is OK. So I would say there's nothing bad with 
this message. Only that it maybe flood your logs. :-)

> I 'm not allowed to patch any software in a production environment
> here. I 'm only allowed to update software through distribution
> repository and I have the latest version of SAMBA 3.6.x family that
> CentOS 6 allows me to have.

Then I think, you must live with this message, until RH will fix it.

You can open a bug report at Redhat (even if you don't use RHEL) and 
link to the Samba bug report. Maybe they will patch their version, as it 
is no major change. And then Centos will follow. But it's definitively a 
much longer way into your production. :-)

> If I can let this message go ... why am I getting these messages on a
> few clients only and not all of them???

For that you should look into the sources, what causes this message. Or 
simply reply to the list and not just to me. Then others, like the 
developers of the printer code, can read your messages, too and maybe 
answer that question. :-)


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