[Samba] Restrict access to users home drives

"Th. Söldenwagner" ts at linexus.de
Thu Oct 24 12:32:11 MDT 2013


is it possible to hide/restrict access to the home drives of our samba 
users when accessing them directly via netbios address?

I have set up the home folders in ADUC. They are all mapped to drive H: 
and users have full access to their drive. The problem is, that others 
users also have access (accept write) to other users folders when 
opening the domain shares via

\\<netbios name>\data\<user folders>

The corresponding entry in /etc/samba/smb.conf is:

	path = /files_samba/userdirs
	read only = No

I have also tried additional option:

browseable = no (the home drive won't show up at all after login)
valid users = %u (the folder can't be created from ADUC because the 
administrator doesn't have the right to do that)

The server is running at school and there are several pupils who have 
the ability to misuse this situation.

Thanks in advance

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