[Samba] Existing DNS zone and Samba4 DLZ

Gregory Sloop gregs at sloop.net
Thu Oct 24 11:20:52 MDT 2013

PD> Hello !

PD> I am the network administrator of a French high school. I have already
PD> configured a BIND9 server with dynamic DNS update from the ISC DHCP
PD> server for my zone :

PD> lyc-guillaume-fichet.ac-grenoble.fr

PD> And I would like to add a samba4 server in this zone. How can I add
PD> the samba's DNS entries to this existing zone keeping my previous
PD> static and dynamic entries ?

PD> I can't use directly the SAMBA_DLZ module because it try to create a
PD> new zone of same name so the bind server won't start anymore.

PD> It is possible to rename the samba DLZ zone and forward the unknown
PD> entries of my zone lyc-guillaume-fichet.ac-grenoble.fr to the samba
PD> DLZ database ?

PD> It is possible to add manually the samba DNS entries ? (I don't really
PD> need the kerberos dynamic DNS because the DHCP server do this job)

PD> What is the best way to do this working ?

Why not put the Samba server in it's own DNS subdomain.

Something like: samba.lyc-guillaume-fichet.ac-grenoble.fr

Then simply setup a forward zone for
samba.lyc-guillaume-fichet.ac-grenoble.fr in your current BIND server,
so queries for items in the AD/Samba domain get handled by the Samba
internal DNS in the S4/AD Server.

Just a thought...


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