[Samba] ENC: Problems with public sharing on samba4

Danilo Pessoa Cardoso danilo.cardoso at levelup.com.br
Thu Oct 24 08:12:26 MDT 2013

Hello guys,

I got a really annoying problem with public sharing on samba4. Here
what's happening:
I installed the samba4 packet on a Debian (3.5.0-42-generic). After that
I edited the /etc/samba/smb.conf as follows:



       workgroup = WORKGROUP

        netbios name = dc-000-051

        security = user

        map to guest = Bad User

        guest account = www-data

        socket options = TCP_NODELAY IPTOS_LOWDELAY SO_RCVBUF=65535

        disable netbios = yes

        dns proxy = no

        default case = lower

        guest ok = yes

        guest only = yes

        strict sync = no

        sync always = no

        syslog = 1

        syslog only = yes

        load printers = no

        debug timestamp = yes

        hosts allow = ALL

        # Debug Logging Information

        log level = 3

        log file = /var/log/samba.log

        debug timestamp = yes



        comment = webuser1 workspace

        path = /var/shared/webuser01

        browseable = yes

        read only = no

        guest ok = yes

        force user = www-data

        force group = www-data

        create mask = 0775

        directory mask = 0775


But when I try to access this share on a windows 7 machine, I got a
login box and every combination of username and password that I try


On the /var/log/samba.log :


[2013/10/24 11:37:56,  3]

  Got user=[danilo.cardoso] domain=[INTERNAL-DOMAIN]
workstation=[PC-001-036] len1=24 len2=234

[2013/10/24 11:37:56,  3]

  auth_check_password_send: Checking password for unmapped user

[2013/10/24 11:37:56,  2]

  DsCrackNameOneFilter domain ref search failed: NULL Base DN invalid
for a one-level search

[2013/10/24 11:37:56,  2]

  map_user_info: Cracknames of domain 'INTERNAL-DOMAIN \' ->

[2013/10/24 11:37:56,  2]

  auth_check_password_recv: NO_METHOD authentication for user
[(null)\(null)] FAILED with error NT_STATUS_NO_SUCH_USER

[2013/10/24 11:37:56,  2]



Can you guys help me figure it out what the problem is!?






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