[Samba] SolidWorks 2013 performance problems

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Thu Oct 24 01:17:55 MDT 2013

Hai Yes, 

first upgrade your samba version. ( http://www.enterprisesamba.com/old/samba-3/ ) 
add the sernet samba repo for ubuntu precise and upgrade to version 3.6.19 
and test again. 

If copy for example a large file to the share and what is the speed your seeing? ( in windows ) 
when done, 

apply this. ( read http://www.speedguide.net/faq_in_q.php?qid=247 ) 
netsh interface tcp set global autotuning=disabled
( this is the default : netsh interface tcp set global autotuningl=normal ) 
and test again. 

SolidWorks also have a history of locking problems, can you post your smb.conf.
Im not the locking expert, but maybe someone else knows, if your using wrong settings. 

wat does the performance test say :  
( Start > All Programs > SolidWorks ???? > SolidWorks Tools > SolidWorks Performance Test and SolidWorks Rx utilities. )
Have you disabled all the useless Win7 "bling" ?
Do you have the Aero theme enabled?

There are more settings to improve the network speed on windows 7, just google for it. 

And read this http://www.3dcadworld.com/why-solid-edge-matters-part-2/ 
and tell your suppliers that they should go support linux, and that 
you?re considering migrating away from SolidWorks, because of this bad support.

Good luck. 


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>Onderwerp: [Samba] SolidWorks 2013 performance problems
>We're having performance problems with SolidWorks on our shares.
>Copying the entire entire solidworks project to local disk and opening
>from there takes around 30s, but opening from the share directly takes
>Apparently solidworks knowledge base has this to say about Samba:
>> The official policy with regards to Linux Samba is that our 
>legal department has advised us that the Open Source Agreement 
>is incompatible with SolidWorks as a commercial organization 
>and as such we are instructed in Technical Support not to 
>support this operating system.
>> In Technical Support our experience with files being 
>accessed from Linux Samba servers is that this in itself can 
>generate instability in SolidWorks.  By the instructions of 
>our legal department we cannot investigate the root cause of 
>these instabilities.
>I'm at a loss how to even debug the performance since the windows
>client seems to behave perfectly reasonably. We're using SolidWorks
>2013 with the latest patches (service pack 4?), samba 3.6.3-2ubuntu2.2
>from Ubuntu LTS 12.04 and 64bit Windows 7 Pro.
>Any ideas?
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