[Samba] samba4 + LDAP

François Dagorn Francois.Dagorn at univ-rennes1.fr
Tue Oct 22 23:45:56 MDT 2013

Hello all,

we are currently running several samba 3 services to give CIFS access to 
shares (mostly homedirs).
Well, access to the shares are controlled by our LDAP service (not AD, 
OpenLDAP). Our servers are
using sssd + pam to check wether or not a user is allowed to mount the 
share (on some old
servers we also use the pam_ldap module for pam).

Now, we just want to run samba 4 as simply as possible, i.e. just 
install samba 4 without any
change on the sssd + pam side. Hum, seems difficult, samba does not 
query LDAP at all !

I've looked at 
strange, seems to need a special account in our LDAP service, IS THIS 
TRUE ? or is there a way to
continue with SSSD + PAM without changing anything in our LDAP service ?

Any help would be appreciated !

Université de Rennes

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