[Samba] User home directory UID:GID incorrect on VM Samba 4 AD client

Paul R. Ganci ganci at nurdog.com
Tue Oct 22 19:08:04 MDT 2013

On 10/22/2013 03:28 AM, steve wrote:
> Sorry. Cancel that. I just realised that the VM is the DC:(
Actually the VM is not the DC. I will try to be very explicit.

  I first installed the Samba 4 AD on the Dell 2950iii running a CentOS 
6.4 OS originally using sernet-samba-4.0.5-5. While KVM was installed on 
this system there were no guests installed initially. All the other OSes 
mentioned in my first e-mail are installed on real hardware and were 
joined to the AD domain again using sernet-samba-4.0.5-5. At this time 
there was no VM ... everything was good.

Around the time sernet-samba-4.0.8-5 was released I installed the CentOS 
6.4 VM on the same hardware that the Samba 4 AD was running. That VM is 
not the DC ... it is just a guest OS which happens to reside on the same 
hardware as the Samba 4 AD server. Having said that, the setup I was 
using for all the OS/hardware worked just fine on the VM running on the 
AD server hardware. With the sernet-samba-4.0.9-5 update everything 
continued to work fine. With the sernet-samba-4-0.10-5 the VM broke but 
there was no problem for all the other OS/hardware. After two days of 
re-reading all the documentation I previously found via Google I could 
not fix the problem which is why I posted yesterday.

I hope that clarifies the VM/AD server relationship.


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