[Samba] Internal DNS listen address?

Rob Janssen rob at ision.nl
Tue Oct 22 14:35:40 MDT 2013

After investigating my DC demotion problem, it looks like the issues are in DNS.
Apparently Windows DNS updates propagate correctly to Samba, but the other way
it does not work.  So the Samba DNS has the complete DC situation, but Windows
only knows about itself (in the SRV records, the A record for the domain, etc).
Of course I can fix it manually in Windows if needed.

As I also have another problem with DNS (the clients cannot update their name in DNS,
all the time I get named[1598]: client update 'example.nl/IN' denied
and like many others I found using Google I have not been able to fix it), I am
considering switching from BIND backend to internal DNS.

However, I need BIND locally on the machine.  So I think I could configure BIND to
listen only on, have SAMBA DNS listen on the server LAN address, and
configure it to forward to
That way I can have the Samba DNS for handling the AD DNS, and BIND for all
software running on the server.  I think I could even configure BIND to forward the
AD domain name to the LAN address and have it picked up by Samba.
But of course I like to keep "interfaces = lo eth0"  (eth1 is internet on this machine).

The question is: will this work?   What socket address(es) will Samba listen on when
starting its DNS server?  The "interfaces" specified in smb.conf? Or is there a
separate configuration possibility for this?   Will it be listening on  Will
it fatally abort when it tries to listen on and finds BIND already using that
address?  or will it just go on and listen only on the eth0 address?

Many questions...  but I hesitate to just switch and see what happens.


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