[Samba] Migration from Windows to Samba4

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Mon Oct 21 13:46:13 MDT 2013

On Mon, 2013-10-21 at 20:58 +0200, Rob Janssen wrote:
> I want to replace a Windows 2003R2 DC by a Samba4 install.
> I installed Samba 4.0.10 and successfully joined the Windows domain.
> (after applying a small patch to join.py)

What patch is that?

> The replication works fine, and the new DC now hosts all fileshares and
> successfully authenticates users and computers.
> Transfer of fsmo roles was also successful.  The old Windows DC is still
> active.  I want to decommission it, but when running the Microsoft advised
> procedure there are some minor errors that all refer to RPC.

I will need details before I can comment. 

> When I try dcpromo it tells me that there is no other reachable DC.
> Again complaints about RPC not working.
> Is this normal?  Should it go smoothly like the join or are there still some
> rough edges in this area?

Without knowing exactly what you are seeing, it's hard for any of us to

> I could go ahead and remove AD from the Windows machine and then
> cleanup manually at the Samba end if required.
> Is there a HOWTO for doing that using Samba tools?
> Rob

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