[Samba] Shares Samba3 in Samba4

DarkZad darkzad at yahoo.com.br
Fri Oct 18 14:07:38 MDT 2013

I did the installation of Samba4 classicupgrade. Made to import the 
users and groups according to wiki.

Added another Samba4 as a member and in it put the old smb.conf to care.

See all shares on the network but can not access the shares of former 

Example sharing Samba3

    comment              = diretorios dos usuarios
    valid users          = jose
    force create mode    = 777
    force directory mode = 777
    path                 = /home
    public               = no
    writable             = yes
    oplocks              = no

    comment              = Sistema Premium
    valid users          = @sist_premium
    path                 = /home/Premium
    public               = no
    writable             = yes
    oplocks              = no

    comment              = Arquivos Scanneados
    writable             = yes
    path                 = /home/scan
    oplocks              = no
    public               = yes
    force create mode    = 770
    force directory mode = 770
    force user           = scan

The need to do to fix this?


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