[Samba] sambaPwdLastSet and sambaPwdMustChange - major issue

Hanumanth Rao ahrao at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 17 19:49:11 MDT 2013

Hi There, 

I have setup the following SAMBA + LDAP, Domain Controller, with smbldap-tools-0.9.8

SLES - 11.2 (For Samba, Separate System)

SLES - 10 (For LDAP Backend, Separate System)

The above setup is working fine and the password policies are all fine.  

Problem - If the user changes the password at the Windows Client sambaPwdLastSet changes date to the new date
but the sambaPwdMustChange does not change to the next date, ie (sambaPwdLastSet + 90 Days).

If the password is set in the command line by the administrator then everything is fine.

How do I fix this issue, Please advise.



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