[Samba] Powerpoint 2007 not advancing slides

Ian CLANCY ian.clancy at valeo.com
Wed Oct 16 05:09:47 MDT 2013

Hi Kevin,
Microsoft Office interaction with networked file systems can be a strange
beast .
I would suggest :
1.) Test with a newer version of Samba . 3.6.7 is quite old at this stage.
You could create a a test OpenSuse 12.2 x86_64 server and install the
3.6.19 packages from Sernet http://enterprisesamba.com/ and then check if
you still have the same problem.
2.) Testing with a Windows 7 workstation . Win 7 will use SMB2 if your
samba is configured to support it. This will help isolate if the issue is
with SMB1 (NT1) .
3.) Get down and dirty with Wireshark. Compare the difference between using
Powerpoint 2003 and Powerpoint 2007 . You may not understand all the
traffic passing between the client and the server but you may get a better
idea as to what is failing and subsequently a more detailed error message
to send to the Samba devels :).

Ian Clancy

On 14 October 2013 22:25, Kevin Hall <kevin.hall at hallictservices.co.uk>wrote:

> Hi Everyone
> Samba 3.6.7 on OpenSuse 12.2 x86_64
> I have an unusual problem for which I have not been able to find a
> solution on the Internet.
> With Powerpoint 2003, there was no issue. With Powerpoint 2007, the user
> cannot advance slides unless the file is saved locally on the client
> (Windows XP SP3, ntfs filesystem).
> When the file is loaded from the samba share, the user can edit and save
> their powerpoint. They simply cannot run a slideshow. Regardless of the
> slideshow settings, you cannot advance to the next slide.
> Any assistance would be appreciated.
> Kevin Hall
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