[Samba] Samba4 - PDC - RHEL6 - Slow browsing from Mac clients

Paul Older paul at fresh-tech.it
Mon Oct 14 10:26:18 MDT 2013

On 14 Oct 2013, at 15:59, Ryan Bair <ryandbair at gmail.com> wrote:

> I've been running netatalk for my OS X clients with great success. The performance isn't as good as Windows to Samba, but its a HUGE improvement over any version of OS X with any SMB server. 30 seconds with wireshark will tell you why OS X's browsing performance is so horrible.

This is good news. I'm attempting to get Netatalk 3 up and running but am struggling to link the authentication into the Samba4 setup. On a slightly different note, I've been advised by an Apple Premium Reseller and Systems Integrator here in the UK that they recommend people use NFS in their Linux / Mac environments. I'd be interested to hear the voice of experience on that one if anyone care comment?

> Another point of OS X/Samba misinformation is that Apple dropped Samba which is an SMB server. OS X's SMB client never shared any code with Samba any did not change as a result of the Samba purge. 

Thanks for the clarification. Hopefully this thread will help dispel myths that I've obviously come across out there in internet land.

> Here's hoping 10.9's SMB driver is as improved as Apple is claiming it to be. 

>From my testing with my chosen problematic directory of 80 images, I found directory listing times to be :

10.8 - about 60 seconds (very laggy scrolling)
10.9 (pre-release) - about 3 seconds, scrolling is fine
10.8 running Dave from Thursby, - near instant and no issues with scrolling

Apple should clearly buy the technology from Dave and implement it in their OS.


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