[Samba] Port 139 Not open on bootup...

Scott Weber scotty2540 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 12 21:40:58 MDT 2013

I am running SUSE 12.0  I have had this problem on another machine months
ago, but never solved it. I have done many searches, but have come up empty.

When booted, port 139 is not open on IPv4.  There os no
HOWEVER:  :::139 is listening.  SO I know it is open on IPv6.

When I try to gain remote access through a share, the machine is not found.
When I try to telnet to port 139, the connection is refused.

To solve it, I have to manually restart smb.  So this is some kind of
'first bootup' problem.  All the searches I came up with all describe a
problem that it just isn't working at all.  This is just that it doesn't
work until I restart the daemon.

It's annoying to work around, especially when I'm using a VM and
starting/stopping the machine often.

Can anyone advise on what this problem is, or how to fix it?


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