[Samba] Unable to add point and print drivers

Antoine Benkemoun antoine.benkemoun at nexthink.com
Fri Oct 11 09:22:20 MDT 2013

As a follow-up, this was fixed by adding the drivers as the domain "Administrator" account.

Simple fix for an ugly looking problem :)
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We have been using samba 4.0.9 with good success so far and are looking to add the ability for users to print from network printers shared by Samba.

The printing part works fine using coupling with lp and cups. In order to automate this fully for the users, we would like to enable point and print drivers.

The print$ share is accessible with no issues and is configured as below :

    comment = Point and Print Printer Drivers
    path = /usr/local/samba/var/print
    read only = no
    writeable = yes
    browseable = yes

Some time back, a colleague has been able to add 2 drivers and we are able to use these drivers successfully.

We now want to add new printers and have been unsuccessful in doing so. The transfer of the driver files happens but for some unknown reason it fails and reverts everything.

The error that we have on Windows is :

Unable to install <Insert printer name>, User Mode, x64 driver. Operation could not be completed (error 0x0000001f)

The directory that holds the drivers has been chmod'ed 777 just to make sure this was not a permission issue. And to double check, we are able to manually add files to this share with no problems.

Samba logs are not saying anything during this operation and I have run out of things to try to make this work.

What are the steps that we can take to try to resolve this issue ?

Thank you in advance for your help,

Antoine Benkemoun

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