[Samba] Samba4: where are ACLs stored?

Klaus Hartnegg klaus.hartnegg at blickzentrum.de
Thu Oct 10 05:56:54 MDT 2013

On 01.10.2013 20:32, Andrew Bartlett wrote:

>> vfs objects = acl_xattr,
> we put that in to the smb.conf 'by magic' whenever we see
> 'server role = active directory domain controller'.  Frankly I think it
> should be the default, except for the fact that we didn't want to change
> it for upgrading users.  We used the 'new' server role as a chance to at
> least make it a default for this important use case.

The man-page for acl_xattr answers my original question: They *are* 
stored in EAs, but the output of 'getfattr -d' is incomplete. So the 
man-page for getfattr is wrong.

However the man page does *not* reveal the mentioned 'magic' to 
auto-enable this option.


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