[Samba] lprng printing fails to connect to cups

Francesc Guasch frankie at telecos.upc.edu
Thu Oct 10 04:09:05 MDT 2013

Hi. I have a debian wheezy with samba 3.6.6-6. Before
updating to wheezy I had samba configured with LPRNG

Now I can't use the printers, it looks like samba is
trying to connect to cups even it is configured with
another printing system.

This is the error spotted when I try to install the
printer in a Windows 7 PC. Windows XP works fine.

  failed to retrieve printer list: NT_STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL

Here is the config:

    printing = lprng
    print command = a="`echo '%J' | sed -e "s/^.*-//" -e "s/(//g" -e "s/)//g" `"  ;  /usr/bin/lpr -U%U@%M -P%p -J"$a"   %s;  rm %s
    lpq command = /usr/bin/lpq -U%U@%M -P%p
    lprm command = /usr/bin/lprm -U%U@%M -P%p %j
    lppause command = lpc hold '%p' %j
    lpresume command = lpc release '%p' %j
    queuepause command = lpc stop '%p'
    queueresume command = lpc start '%p'

Any hints ? thank you very much.

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