[Samba] samba4 result 1306 (WERR_REVISION_MISMATCH)

Mauricio Alvarez maurialvarez303 at rocketmail.com
Tue Oct 8 15:16:41 MDT 2013


   I have a win2003 Server R2 as a main DC (with Windows 2003 functional level) and a separate Samba4 (4.0.10) box as DC on the same domain. 

   All was more or less running fine, until I realized from running samba-tool drs showrepl:


                   Default-First-Site\SERVERW2K3 via RPC
                                DSA object GUID: ......................
                                Last attempt @ Tue Oct 8 .... 2013 failed, result 1306 (WERR_REVISION_MISMATCH)
                                1853 consecutive failure(s).
                                Last success @ Thu Oct 3....................

Forcing a replication on the Win2k3 server results in the corresponding (to the WERR_REVISION_MIS...) error message (...Indicates two revision levels are incompatible).

Recently (probably around the Oct 3) I have instaled Active Directory Web Services on the Windows Server and also the RSAT packages to manage from Win7 machine via the Group Policy Management Console (GPMCC). I believe the GPOs have been updated on the server to include windows7 GPOs and so on, so perhaps I am geting the VERSION_MISMATCH error?

Now I tried demoting the samba4 DC, but it won't work because of the same VERSION_MISMATCH problem: using samba-tool domain demote -UAdministrator I get a 
ERROR(<class 'samba.drs_utils.drsException'>) uncaught exception - drsException: DRS connection to serverw2k3.acme.local failed: 'drsuapi.DsBindInfoFallback' object has no attribute 'supported_extensions'....

What can I do? Any suggestions?

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