[Samba] Point'n Print setup on Samba4 failing to install drivers

Marc Muehlfeld samba at marc-muehlfeld.de
Tue Oct 8 10:22:00 MDT 2013

Hello Pablo,

Am 08.10.2013 17:41, schrieb Pablo T. Virgo:
> If I attempt to load the driver with the [print$] share
> permissions set as per the howto, (755 server side, samba
> config includes 'writeable = yes') I get an access denied
 > error.

- Can you show the output of "getfacl" on the directory?
- What filesystems is this share on?
- Is it mounted with user_xattr?

> Main question: What could I have overlooked?  What do I need
 > to do in order to get the print drivers to installed on the
 > server?

I wrote that HowTo in June. So I think I had tested everything with 
4.0.6. What version are you running?

What OS/Distribution/Version are you running?

If I have time later, I can try setup printing on my test environment to 
re-validate the HowTo.


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