[Samba] samba 4 DC slow users bulk load

Nikos Mitas nkmitas at gmail.com
Sun Oct 6 04:48:10 MDT 2013


i have successfully installed samba 4 on three vmware VM's and everything
works fine (join pc to domain, user login, dns updates, ntp),
but i am facing some performance problems during users bulk loading.
my environment:

1st DC: RedHat Linux v6.4,samba 4.1rc4,dns 9.9.3P2,ntp
2nd DC:RedHat Linux v6.4,samba 4.1rc4,dns 9.9.3P2,ntp
3rd DC:RedHat Linux v6.4,samba 4.1rc4,ntp

to bulk load the users (around 20.000 accounts) i am using IBM Tivoli
Identity Manager to automatically create the AD accounts into Samba
but the performance is poor. 120 users per hour at most.

Any ideas what to check or what needs to be tuned?

Thanks for your time


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