[Samba] Folder disappears on rename

Jones jones.kstw at gmail.com
Sun Oct 6 01:02:43 MDT 2013

Hi Marc, Brian,

When I remove
>    max protocol = SMB2
> from my smb.conf and restart Samba, the problem seems to be gone (but I
> had to restart my Win7 workstation, too).
> If the problem is related to SMB2, this would explain, why I didn't had
> this issue on XP machines (SMB2 was introduced in Vista).
> Does this fixes/workaround on your servers, too?

Sometimes this symptom happened in my environment,
and found this link:
SMB2 Client Redirector Caches Explained

Here is one test case,
during Windows 7 and Samba are negotiated with >=  protocol SMB 2.0,
Windows 7 might cache the directory entries,
i.e. the directory entries are locally satisfied by Windows 7,
and there are no SMB2 packets across network while refreshing the list thru
powershell dir command,
hence Windows 7 with Wireshark captures no packets.

After following 3 DWORDs are applied to Windows 7 and reboot is required,
this symptom seems no longer exist in my environment.
Not sure is this a acceptable change but hope this help.
FileInfoCacheLifetime = 0
FileNotFoundCacheLifetime = 0
DirectoryCacheLifetime = 0


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