[Samba] Folder disappears on rename

Klaus Hartnegg Klaus.Hartnegg at BlickZentrum.de
Sat Oct 5 01:12:26 MDT 2013

On 05.10.2013 06:12, Bernd Glueckert wrote:
> A scanner puts his output on the samba server, but it's not visible for
> the W7-Clients. A couple of minutes later it's visible. Refreshing
> Explorer by pressing F5 doesnt help.

Sounds like Windows clients cache the contents of network drives and 
don't expect them to be changed by others. Someting like opportunistic 
locking on directories. So it probably happens only on client that had 
already been looking on that directory before its contents were changed. 
Others, who go there after the change, see the new contents immediately. 
Maybe a recent Windows patch has 'improved' the network caching strategy 
to achieve higher speed.

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