[Samba] Folder disappears on rename

Marc Muehlfeld samba at marc-muehlfeld.de
Fri Oct 4 14:06:20 MDT 2013


Am 03.10.2013 20:57, schrieb Brian Martin:
> I have Samba 4.0.9 installed under Ubuntu 12.04.  It's configured as a
> domain member, with a Windows 2008R2 server being the DC.  All
> workstations are running Windows 7.  One of my users is reporting
> problems in the following scenario:
> 1) She creates a folder in one of the Samba shares, and places a number
> of documents there.
> 2) She closes all open documents and closes Windows Explorer
> 3) Another user on another workstation subsequently renames the folder
> as part of the work flow process to indicate it has been reviewed.
> 4) The original user then navigates to where the renamed folder should
> be and cannot find it, either under the original name or the new name.
> Refreshing doesn't help.
> 5) After a period of time, typically 3-5 minutes but in one case around
> 30 minutes, the folder reappears under the new name.

this sounds a bit like something mysterious I had had today at work on 
my Samba 3.6.18 server:

- On the Linux server I downloaded a file to my home directory (was a 
simple *.txt file)
- On my Windows PC I could not see the file, but it was there on Linux side
- I renamed the file on linux and then it was visible with the new name 
on windows, too.

A different user had the following today:
- She created a file on the Samba share (same 3.6.18 server)
- But it wasn't visible from a different PC
- After about 3h it was suddenly visible without any changes.

The problem wasn't reproducable on both machines a second time.

Both workstations run W7 64-Bit. We don't use offline syncronisation here.

I haven't had this before and I thought something got confused and I 
want to restart Samba later at night. But your posting sounds similar to 
the problem I had today. So maybe it's a bug.


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