[Samba] write problem from mac osx 10.8.5 clients to samba 4

Jason MacChesney jason.macchesney at ecacs16.ab.ca
Fri Oct 4 11:31:39 MDT 2013

Hey Athan, in order to do what you want this is what I would do in my
environment; I would create the share in my smb.conf. Then create the
directory on the server. I would populate a group for using the share,
either on the server using samba-tool or using the snap-in. Then jump over
to my Windows 7 machine, go to \\MY_SERVER, right-click my share,
tab>security, and set full control permissions to CREATOR OWNER, SYSTEM,
Domain Admins, and the group that's been created for this share. I would
then instruct the people in that group that in order to access the share
they need to open a finder, click GO > Connect to Server. Then they would
need to mount the share using smb://MY_SERVER/SHARE ...they may need to
enter their AD credentials at this point.

I have no idea what the map UID, GUID implications are in directory
utility, sorry! Good luck!

On Fri, Oct 4, 2013 at 10:02 AM, Athan DE JONG <athan.dejong at yahoo.fr>wrote:

> Hi Jason
> Thanks for your answer !
> sorry for the delay of my reply i'm very busy this times.
> glad to hear that you was able to deploy OSX in samba !
> so your mac osx is bind-ed and you can read/write to your home directory on the server ?
> can you read/write to another samba share ?
> My problem is a little different as i'm not using roaming profiles. The
> choice of samab 4 was that we later have to setup mail service on the same
> server and so we will be able to use the AD for this later.
> My goal for the moment is to share a public folder for
> a specific group of users !
> my mac osx is bind-ed to AD i am able to read and delete files
> but not to write files to the samba share
> My mac user has full acl and posix righs for the test
> and the message from finder is that i "dont have access to some of the
> items".
> As i'm really not a
> mac specialist i was asking my self what about the map UID,GUID options
> in the Directory utility advanced options ?
> Thanks again for your detailed answer, may you can give me another hint :)
> Kind regards, Athan
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> Hey Athan, I was able to deploy OSX in a samba4 environment. Here is my
> procedure:
> go to System Preferences > User and Groups and create a new account with
> admin privileges. This will be developed into a default profile for domain
> users. Log out and in with the user.
> Open Keychain Access and delete "Login"
> Spend some time opening all the applications on the operating system,
> registering all welcome prompts, and performing all necessary
> updates/changes.
> Go back to System Preferences > User and Groups. Right-click the
> appropriate account > Advanced Options: set the Home Directory to
> smb://[REALM_OF_DC]/$USER
> Open a terminal:
> sudo rm /Users/[new_default_account]/Library/Caches/*
> sudo rm -rf /System/Library/User\ Template/English.lproj/*
> cd /System/Library/User\ Template/English.lproj/
> sudo rsync -rav /Users/[new_default_account]/ . (that's a period, so
> you're copying into the present working directory above)
> Apple > Recent items > Clear Menu
> Reboot into your normal Admin account.
> Disk utility > repair disk permissions
> Delete the account that's been set up.
>  As Admin, let's bind to the domain controller. Head back to Users and
> Groups and head to Login Options.
> Edit Network Account Server > Open Directory Utility > Active Directory
> Bind to your active directory FQDN.
> Under User Experience, uncheck both "Create mobile account at login" and
> "Force local home directory on startup disk."
> The one other clincher, I think, was going to the ADUC snap-in and mapping
> the home directory for all users.
> On Thu, Oct 3, 2013 at 6:04 AM, Athan DE JONG <athan.dejong at yahoo.fr>wrote:
> Hi
> I have setup a samba 4 DC with mixed client environment.
> My problem is that the mac osx client are unable to write to a samba 4
> share.
> I tested mac osx clients on a normal windows 7 share and it works fine
> I tested mac osx clients on a samba 3.5 .. share and everything works fine.
> As i am in a professional environment and all the windows clients are
> already binded to the samba 4 domain i can not step back to samba3.
> My mac osx clients are binded and im able to view/edit active directory
> from the mac.
> My only issue is that i can not write to the samba 4 shares. i have
> verified all about permissions, and my thought is that mac osx confuses
> unix and acl rights.
> Is there a workaround or a special thing to do regarding UID map GUID map
> please be aware that i'm not a mac specialist, but have to handlwith it
> because of professional reasons.
> i am searching a solution for weeks now and really need some help !
> Kind regards
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