[Samba] Use LDAP for passwords ONLY

Gaiseric Vandal gaiseric.vandal at gmail.com
Thu Oct 3 12:38:04 MDT 2013

If you have an existing LDAP structure, there will still be a separate 
field for the Windows password.

For samba 3.x,  you can specify either an local backend or an ldap 
backend.  You can not specify some attributes in ldap but not 
others.     If you want to set up Samba to use LDAP backend you will 
need to have some admin privileges to on the LDAP server.

On 10/03/13 14:32, Garey wrote:
> Donny Brooks <dbrooks <at> mdah.state.ms.us> writes:
>>>> Hello,
>>>> Am 03.10.2013 18:17, schrieb Garey:
>>>>> I am trying to figure out if I can setup samba to verify only passwords
>>>>> against LDAP and keep everything else local.
>>>> Can you be a bit more specific what you intend to do?
>>>> Regards,
>>>> Marc
>>> I want all group and user info local on the samba server, but verify
>>> passwords against LDAP. So the only thing LDAP is used for is verify the
>>> password.
>> LDAP still will need a username to go with the password. Could you tell us
> exactly why you want users local
>> instead of in LDAP?
> Large corporate LDAP server that keeps passwords. Just want to use it for
> passwords so users don't have another one to keep track of. But I need to
> control the users who can access the server and local groups that set their
> rights to information.

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