[Samba] Use LDAP for passwords ONLY

Garey gareysmiley at sbcglobal.net
Thu Oct 3 11:28:30 MDT 2013

Hoover, Tony <hoover <at> sal.ksu.edu> writes:

> We are using pGina (pgina.org) for lab logins.  pGina is a pluggable
> authentication system, similar to PAM except for Windows.  
> pGina allows us to separate the user authentication from the account
> information. User credentials are checked against LDAP, MySQL, or other
> authentication source. If credentials are correct, the computer is logged in
> with a pre-defined windows account.
> Hope this helps.
> Tony

That's interesting, but I would like Samba to use the LDAP server rather
than the Windows client itself. Trying to avoid install on/modifying the
windows clients. Too many of them. 

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