[Samba] client hangs

Doug Tucker tuckerd at lyle.smu.edu
Thu Oct 3 10:11:29 MDT 2013

Virus scanning was one of the early suspects.  For no real reason though 
as nothing had changed.  The macs and linux clients though are affected 
and neither have virus software installed.

That's a huge frustrating point about it.  It's is completely and wildly 
random.  I can't reproduce it at all, I can only see it when it happens 
if someone calls and I run down there really quick.  The only common 
thing being that when it's happening to 1, it's happening to all.  And 
during the time it takes to reboot, it probably would have cleared up 

Yesterday during a bad hang a user called, so I immediately tried to 
smbmount my home directory (I usually just have it mounted) and it hung 
for quite a while, then returned "resource unavailable". The server 
seemed completely fine though.  About 2 minutes later after the caller 
said it cleared up I was able to mount it. Looking at the server 
everything seemed fine.  I could ping the server.  I could telnet to 139 
and 445, so they were listening. Load was less than 1.  The file server 
seemed fine.  Communication between the 2 was fine.  It seems like an 
internal issue with samba somehow but samba itself hasn't been updated 
since this started happening (it was already at the latest version for 
the distro).


Doug Tucker

On 10/03/2013 11:00 AM, Klaus Hartnegg wrote:
> On 03.10.2013 17:20, Doug Tucker wrote:
>> client attempts to access a resource on a
>> shared drive either by saving, or just simply clicking on a folder on
>> the shared drive can takes minutes to complete.
> Is it reproducable by clicking the same folder again after rebooting 
> the client?
> Do you have the same antivirus software on Win and Mac? I've seen such 
> behaviour years ago after an antivirus update when accessing a remote 
> directory with a certain powerpoint file in it, that suddenly took 
> minutes to scan. The scan can take place already when going into that 
> directory, even when not clicking on the specific file.
> Klaus

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