[Samba] name mangling makes 8.3 unreadable unlike Windows fileserver

Klaus Hartnegg Klaus.Hartnegg at BlickZentrum.de
Thu Oct 3 08:50:58 MDT 2013

On 03.10.2013 16:17, Kevin Field wrote:
> Have an ancient (1995!) piece of software that uses 8.3 filename format.
> After the switch, long filenames became useless in the context of the
> File->Open dialog box. Instead of the first few characters, we get maybe
> 1 character the same if we're lucky, which in a directory of thousands
> makes it impossible to find. For example, instead of "S:\Air
> conditioning control system" becoming "S:\AIRCON~1" like it would
> before, it's displayed in this program as "S:\A51FHG~S".

In Samba3 this could be changed by increasing the value "mangle prefix".
This works only if mangling method is changed to hash2.

I don't know how one can lookup if this still works in samba 4.
Most documentation seems to be completely unaware that samba 4 is out.

But beware that I got duplicate filenames after changing this value.
Windows prevents duplicates, Samba does not.

hope this helps,

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