[Samba] write problem from mac osx 10.8.5 clients to samba 4

Athan DE JONG athan.dejong at yahoo.fr
Thu Oct 3 06:04:32 MDT 2013


I have setup a samba 4 DC with mixed client environment.
My problem is that the mac osx client are unable to write to a samba 4 share.

I tested mac osx clients on a normal windows 7 share and it works fine
I tested mac osx clients on a samba 3.5 .. share and everything works fine.

As i am in a professional environment and all the windows clients are already binded to the samba 4 domain i can not step back to samba3.

My mac osx clients are binded and im able to view/edit active directory from the mac.

My only issue is that i can not write to the samba 4 shares. i have verified all about permissions, and my thought is that mac osx confuses unix and acl rights.

Is there a workaround or a special thing to do regarding UID map GUID map

please be aware that i'm not a mac specialist, but have to handlwith it because of professional reasons.

i am searching a solution for weeks now and really need some help !

Kind regards

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