[Samba] Sharing group definitions between some server members and workstations but not with AD

Hubert, Laurent Laurent.Hubert at USherbrooke.ca
Wed Nov 27 11:09:07 MST 2013


My departemental PDC/BDCs will be removed and the remaining linux file servers and workstations will joined  the institutional Windows AD as member servers and workstations. I have the rights  to add workstations and servers to the AD, but I will lost users administration. All that is Ok. Nervertheless, groups administration at the departement level is still usefull for me and my departements. 

How can I maintain groups definitions and share it between my workstation and file servers without intervention on the AD? I think it is possible to build local groups with AD users, but how to share these definitions aside using rsync or the AD? 

Additionnal background: 
Some users already exist in both domains (the domain of the Windows AD and the domain  the old NT4 style samba) with certainly different loging parameters. I may choose to use  rid mapping of users for its long term simplicity. In that case, I plan to  adapt the sid/uid to the futures values in files/directories and the ldap servers currenly serving my PDC/BDC prior the transition. This in order to make the transision  smoother.

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