[Samba] some samba4 AD questions, after a week of playing around

Davor Vusir davortvusir at gmail.com
Wed Nov 20 12:45:46 MST 2013

On 2013-11-19 21:52, Achim Gottinger wrote:
>>> 2. We have many openldap users with more than one mail attribute. 
>>> Works good with postfix/dovecot. I found out that in AD users can 
>>> only have one single mail attribute? I'm guessing we're not alone in 
>>> this... How to best deal with this?
>> There is another mail attribute, otherMailbox - this is multi-valued 
>> unlike mail which is single-valued, but it cannot be used with groups.
> Glad you posted that it can not be used with groups. Now I have to 
> rethink e-mail handling for an samba4 environment i had planed to 
> deploy this weekend.
> Have you tried to add the Organisational-Person class to an group to 
> get otherMailbox for groups working?
> achim~
Hi Achim!

This link, 
might give you the ideas to solve your problem.


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