[Samba] dns troubles in win2003 dc migration

Reidiel Castillo reidiel at uci.cu
Mon Nov 18 10:03:54 MST 2013

Hello everyone,
Great job with Samba4,
Necesary details:
Windows OS: Windows Server 2003 Servipack2 -> i386
GNU/Linux OS: Ubuntu server 12.04.3 -> i386
Samba version: 4.1.1
DNS for Samba 4(Internal dns)

I have been using the official documentation:

I have been building samba 4.1.1 from the sources for migrating a 
Windows Server 2003  SP2 domain controller.
Everything is fine and the users in Windows DC are replicated in Samba 4 
DC. The users created in the Samba 4 are replicated too.
The main trouble is that when I try to connect to the dns server running 
in Samba4(internal dns) using  the windows administration tools I read 
this message:
the dns server doesn't exist. Do you want to add anyway?
  Then I can't see nothing in the console and I can't manage the dns 
running in samba4
When I transfer all the roles to the Samba 4 DC and turn off the Windows 
domain controllers the users can't authenticate in the Windows computers 
joined to the domain or they can login but they can't see never their 
I think that the principal trouble is that the dns server in samba4 is 
not functional

I will apreciate any help
ps: Please, apologize me for my language.
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