[Samba] recreate DomainDnsZones record

Андрей Петров petrov at solid-it.ru
Sun Nov 17 19:25:31 MST 2013

I have win2k3 single root domain with one winDC and one centos 6.4 samba 
4.0.7 with internal DNS successfuly (asI thought) joined in.
When both Dcs online everything works fine, but I'm confused with DNS 
zone replication.
both dcs have record 
with identical GUID an identical SOA record pointing to winDC as primary 
same staff for 
as far as i know in proper envirement for w2k3  GUID of this records 
should be different on DCs as well as SOA records
for win2008 domains i can see zones in 
My questions is:
1) Where exactly samba stores dns zones and how it behaves it?
2) Can i safely demote winDC from domain and than change SOA primary 
server record to sambaDC, how it will affect on a next winDC joined to 
3) Contents of this zones doesn't bother me, as far as i know DC will 
create all srv records on reboot and workstation will create host record 
with ipconfig /registerdns all other records in zones are junk, is there 
a way to start a new life with a "clean" dns zones?
4) Will upagrade of samba solve this issue?
Thank you for your consideration.

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