[Samba] samba4 | access ldap, what password

mourik jan heupink heupink at merit.unu.edu
Mon Nov 11 02:53:23 MST 2013

> I would like to browse my new samba4 ldap directory, and I am completely
> in the dark in what share to provide my credentials. Anonymous access
in what SHAPE I meant

Anyway: I learned quite a bit using tdbdump on DC=SAMBA,DC=EXAMPLE,DC=COM

I found out the correct form for my administrator account and can logon. 
However I can still see only bits of my directory tree. No CN=users, for 
example. (however using CN=users,DC=SAMBA,DC=EXAMPLE,DC=COM as a base DN 
works, meaning there are more CN's than I can see)

What account should I use to browse the WHOLE directory? (sorry for the 
very very basic questions)


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