[Samba] Users and shares disappeared

Trent W. Buck trentbuck at gmail.com
Mon Nov 11 01:04:37 MST 2013

Sandbox <sandboxheh at gmail.com> writes:

> I had a weird problem this morning.
> My users and all of the shares are gone.
> I tried to restart samba but that was not helped, wbinfo -u could not show
> any user.
> Restarted bind9 tho..nothing happend.
> What kind of process could do this?
> As a last chance I restarted the server..that helped.

That sounds like your immediate issue is fixed.  Is that correct?

I would have checked to see if samba processes were still running,
especially after a "stop" but before a "start".

You should also check your logs to see if there's anything obviously
wrong while the problem was occurring.

Here are some generic troubleshooting questions to think about:

  - what are the symptoms?
  - how are they being tested for?
  - when did they first present?
  - when were they last *absent*?
  - what changed in between those two times (or slightly earlier)?

  - are symptoms presenting *right now*?
  - are the symptoms reproducible reliably?
    - if so, give a concise recipe to reproduce the symptoms.

  - do the symptoms present for all users/sites/hosts/services/files/whatever?
    - if not, list several users/... for who symptoms are present.
    - if not, list several users/... for who symptoms are *absent*.

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