[Samba] SAMBA running sluggish for Windows XP clients

Joseph, Matthew (EXP) matthew.joseph at lmco.com
Wed Nov 6 04:40:42 MST 2013


I'm running into issues with SAMBA 3 running slow for users on Windows XP connecting to our RHEL 6.3 SAMBA server. The RHEL clients seem to have no issues at all with speed while connecting to the RHEL server.
Our old SAMBA 2 server was running on Solaris 10 and the Windows XP clients did not have this kind of slowdown.

>From looking around there doesn't seem to be many options for fine tuning.
TCP_NODELAY is configured by default now so I added IPTOS_LOWDELAY and SO_KEEPALIVE. I've verified that my loglevel is set to 1 since 2 seems to cause a performance hit.

It shouldn't be a hardware issue since our switches are GB ports and there is only about 10-20 client connections at a time.
The server itself is a Dell R420 with two 3.2GHz CPUs and 16GB of RAM.
The SAMBA shares are located on a Dell SAN that is connected using iSCSI to the RHEL server.
The file system that is being used is GFS2 and it is in a clustered (two nodes) environment.
Like I stated above our Windows XP clients had no issues at all connection to our Solaris 10 SAMBA server which was using the same switches and the same Dell SAN.

Is there anything you guys can suggest I look at on both the RHEL server and the Windows XP clients? I'm not too familiar with the fine tuning aspect of SAMBA so I apologize for the lack of information.



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