[Samba] "hide files" does not work

Marc Muehlfeld samba at marc-muehlfeld.de
Tue Nov 5 11:27:06 MST 2013

Hello Andreas,

Am 05.11.2013 15:43, schrieb Andreas Moroder:
>> If you are using the original sources, can you use a more recent version
>> than 3.5.6? This one is already more than 3 years old and many bugs have
>> been fixed and many features improved. Also 3.5.x is discontinued and
>> 3.6.x is in "security fixes only" mode.
>> Can you try 4.0.10 or 4.1.0?
> we will make only the small step to 3.6x at the moment.

You can try the latest 3.6.19. If the problem is there still existing, I 
would try 4.1.0 in a VM or somewhere else. Just to ensure if the bug is 
still there or not. If yes, open a bug report. If not, you have to 
decide what is more important (3.6 with bug or switching the machine to 
4.x) :-)

As 3.6 is in "security maintanance mode only" since 4.1 was released, I 
think it won't be fixed in 3.6 any more.


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