[Samba] Administering samba locally without opening root to the net?

Michael Tokarev mjt+samba at tls.msk.ru
Sat Nov 2 11:19:02 MDT 2013


I'm trying to find a way to administer a (set of) standalone
samba machines (3.x style) locally.

Most things are now done using `net rpc' command.  But this one
connects to a (local) samba server over network, and hence requires

Another example is pdbedit tool which accesses local passdb.tdb
file directly as long as user running this command has the
necessary permissions.

What I'm trying to find is a password-less equivalent of

   net rpc rights
   net rpc printer

and a few others.

Also, previously samba used ntprinters.tdb and ntdrivers.tdb
with quite simple structure.  So it was possible to install
a printer to samba server from a windows box, dump the newly
created entries from ntprinters.tdb and insert similar entries
(by changing printer name and a few other similar things) to
ntprinters.tdb on another samba machine without a need of
logging remotely and repeating the UI part from windows machine
(which is very slow).

With current registry.tdb way, I can't do this easily anymore.
Is there some command-line way to do that on a samba server
locally using new registry.tdb setup?  (I can think of adding
things to ntprinters.tdb and running `net printing migrate',
but this is quite awkward and does not let me to delete

Thank you!


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