[Samba] smb.conf sync

Marc Muehlfeld samba at marc-muehlfeld.de
Mon May 27 15:24:25 MDT 2013

Hello Robert,

Am 27.05.2013 21:37, schrieb Sandbox:
>>> Just a quick question.
>>> Do I have to syncronise my smb.conf file between my servers?
>> No. And it would be a bad idea. Each Samba server has it's own
>> smb.conf, with it's own shares/paths/server name/etc. If you mix there
>> something (e. g. twice the same DC name in your network), you maybe
>> confuse everything in your network.
> That was the reason why I thought about this, I sat up the DC, and
> joined to the DC with my other Samba. But I asked myself if the "master"
> server dies for any reason the member server how could provide the
> shares if there is only basic smb.conf settings on the member server.

It's not just done with syncing the smb.conf. If an other server should 
take over the job of the failed one, you also would need the whole share 
data on the second host, the servers tdb files, etc - what brings you to 
the clustering topic.


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