[Samba] Continued compilation errors with samba 3.6.15

Linda W samba at tlinx.org
Mon May 20 20:46:27 MDT 2013

kiko seis wrote:
> And got the following error:
> net_rpc.c:(.text+0xcbc8): undefined reference to `libnetapi_net_init'
> Then I recompiled with the following parameters set:
> ./configure --enable-shared-libs=no --enable-external-libtalloc=no  
> --enable-external-libtdb=no --with-libtalloc=no --with-libtdb=no --with-libnetapi=no --with-libsmbclient 
> =no --with-libsmbsharemodes=no --with-libaddns=no

Are you sure your configure parameters are all on 1 line... since the
way you have
it typed in, it looks like the lines after the 1st are possible on another

2nd, for the =no case , aren't those supposed to be "--without-libxxxx"?

(just some random thoughts...)

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