[Samba] Logon script via GPO

Luc Lalonde luc.lalonde at polymtl.ca
Mon May 13 10:38:35 MDT 2013

Hello Folks,

I'm trying to get a logon script to execute via a GPO with Samba 4.0.5.

I used the Group Policy Editor that came with the Administration tools and linked a simple 'logon.bat' batch file to automatically mount a network share for a given 'OU=students'.

When I log in with a user that's in this container, it does not seem to execute the login script.   

Anyone have an idea why this isn't working?

Here's the Policy on the Samba4 server:

[root at foo Logon]# pwd

[root at foo Logon]# ls

I've done this before on a regular non-samba AD domain...   What's missing to get this to work?

Thank You!
Luc Lalonde, analyste
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Luc.Lalonde at polymtl.ca
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